#Iamareuser Mamukko

I am Attila and I am co-owner of Mamukko, a family business currently run by my wife and I, Attila and Nora Magyar.

Our business was established in Kinsale in 2011 by my brother and I, Levente and Attila Magyar, who were 6th generation leather workers.

Based on the Magyar family’s leather craft skills and heritage, we mix genuine leather with upcycled ocean race sails and decommissioned liferafts crafting sustainable bags and accessories. Our workshop shop is based in Kinsale, Co. Cork welcoming visitors from all over the world. Upcycling is a mission of ours. We chose sewing machines as a tool for upcycling and hope we inspire others to do something creative that does not harm the Earth’s resources.

When you use your creativity, there are so many possibilities for reuse. It’s our responsibility to place an imprint into the next generation, show them direction and teach them eco-consciousness and ways to run eco-businesses. I remember my grandmother reusing old plastic bags, washing and drying them on the line and my grandfather reusing old nails and screws. There is so much joy in repairing something or creating something new from and end of life product or remnant fabric. The journey can start with simple things. Try to mend a broken chair, reuse an old bucket for flowers, try to fix the handle of a broken plastic laundry bag. We can’t just throw out everything that is “broken”. With a bit of effort, mending and regeneration is always possible.