What is ReMark?

ReMark, Ireland’s Reuse Quality Mark of Excellence was established to address consumer concerns regarding the quality and safety of reused goods. It is an organisational level accreditation process for the reuse sector.

To date, three organisations have been accredited to the Quality Mark including Duhallow Revamp, Dublin Simon Community and Back2New.

The Quality Mark and pilot were established through EPA Green Enterprise funding. CRNI is currently working toward rolling the Quality Mark out at a national level.

Committed to Quality

Goods are repaired, restored, or ‘reimagined’ by trained staff to extend their usable life

Committed to Safety

Goods have been inspected and tested to a rigorous safety standard.

Committed to Reuse

Participant organisations establish policies and set goals and metrics that further their social mission as well as the aims of the circular economy.

Why is there a need for it?

According to consumer research we commissioned in September 2017, only 23% of Irish Consumers bought second-hand (reused) goods in the last 6 months.

  • 59% Cited Quality As A Purchase Barrier
  • 43% Cited Safety As A Purchase Barrier

A Quality Mark is a way of addressing these quality and safety concerns through a formalised accreditation process.

Accredited Organisations

Check out CRNI for more information