Could you upcycle or reuse your large items?

You may have fallen out of love with your old sofa but somewhere there’s a home for it.

Why not try upcycling?

Many items, such as old furniture or unwanted bikes, can be upcycled to give them a new lease of life or stripped for parts to create something completely new.

Help others reuse your items

Contact the Community Reuse Network Ireland to locate local reuse services in your area.

Donate to charity

If you have furniture that is in good condition why not donate it to a local charity?Ssome of them will even come and collect it if you have no way of getting to them.

Only donate something that can be resold, or else the charity might be stuck with the cost of disposal.

Sell your items

Online services to help you sell your items

Recycle your items

Those items too big for your regular waste collection service, such as furniture, mattresses and old fitness and play equipment, can be taken away for recycling by special arrangement.

Contact your local authority as they may have a bulky goods collection in place for a fee.

Never use the services of an unauthorised collector – a “Man in the Van” – as this means that the items will more than likely end up being dumped somewhere ruining our beautiful countryside.