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Please note: posters are printed on durable material, with two adhesive strips. Labels are printed on durable material with a fully-adhesive back.

If you would like to discuss branding opportunities or require any other detail, please contact info@srwmo.ie or rwmo@mayococo.ie.

For larger orders, please contact snimhainnin@mayococo.ie.


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Hazard Labels

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General Labels

Food Labels

Recycle Labels

Recycle List Labels

Food Labels

WEEE Labels

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Cardboard Labels

Batteries Labels


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Getting Started Guide (4 Page)

Getting Started Guide (3 Page)


A4 Booklet (Spreads)

A4 Booklet (Singles)


Editable versions of the posters with logo upload capability are available here. Please note that mywaste only provide generic printed assets. Printing of all edited and branded versions of the assets is the responsibility of the business. A guide on editing is available to download here.

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