Christmas decorations

Paper & Cardboards
Fabrics & Textiles
General Waste


Many Christmas decorations are made of a combination of materials which sometimes renders them unsuitable for recycling.


Any old decoration made from a single material such as paper, card or rigid plastic only can be placed in the recycling bin.

If you are not sure what the decoration is made of or unsure if it is made of multiple materials then place the item in the general waste bin.

If a decoration has any sort of plug or is powered by a battery (remove battery separately for recycling), it is considered a WEEE item and should be disposed of correctly – This should be brought to a WEEE drop-off recycling point or Civic Amenity Site, check the waste services locator on this site.

General Comment / Tip

Reuse your decorations each year or perhaps swap then with friends.

It’s easy to check if an electrical item, toy or game is recyclable if it reached the end of its working life. Simply ask the following questions and if the answer is yes, to any of these, it is recyclable: Does it have a plug? Does it use batteries? Does it need charging? Does it have a picture of a crossed out wheelie bin on it?