Individual wrap on cheese slices



A soft plastic is any type of plastic that you can scrunch in your hand. 


This item is categorised as a soft plastic and can be placed in your recycle bin. 


Plastic items placed in your recycling bin need to be clean, dry and loose. This means there should be no food or liquids left on/in your plastic items, and you should place all the items loosely in the bin and not in plastic bags or stuffed into other materials such as boxes.

If you are unable to ensure this then the item should be placed in your general waste bin


Soft plastics are now accepted in the recycling bin due to advancements in technologies at recycling facilities in Ireland and access to new markets where this material can be processed.

General Comment / Tip

All of your soft plastics can go in the recycle bin, if the plastic types are currently recyclable and we have access to markets they will be sent to specialised, polymer specific recycling facilities. If they are not currently recyclable they will be sent for energy recovery through Solid Residual Fuel (SRF) production for cement plants.