Hazardous & Medical


Inhalers containing medicine are considered to be hazardous and require specialised disposal.


Check with your local pharmacy for advice and whether they provide a take back scheme.

Many Civic Amenity Sites accept old medicines for disposal.  Check the Waste Services Locator for local details.

General Comment / Tip

Never pierce canisters.

Teva Ireland: Inhaler Recycling

Teva are excited to announce the launch of our pilot inhaler recycling campaign, the first nationwide recycling scheme for inhalers used to treat chronic respiratory conditions.

In 2019, 4.4 million inhalers were dispensed to patients in Ireland and up until now, there has been no programme in place to allow patients to sustainably dispose of their inhalers1. The current options mean that inhalers are either sent to landfill or incinerated.

The Teva Inhaler Recycling pilot scheme is intended to provide pharmacists and patients with an innovative and practical solution for recycling used inhalers.

The programme will allow the components of inhalers to be recycled into a range of product applications. We have included a recycling flowchart below so that you can see how the components are recycled.