Paper towels

Food Waste & Organic


This is a paper or card


If you have used the paper towel for cleaning out pots and pans or simply wiping your hands this should be placed in the food waste recycling bin.

Only clean and dry paper towels can be placed in the recycle bin

General Comment / Tip

Paper napkins and towels are great at kid’s birthday parties or when you’re holding a barbecue, but it can seem very wasteful when your guests leave and there are piles of paper plates and napkins left everywhere. Unbleached paper plate and napkin are best to use and if possible they should be chlorine free paper so choose carefully when you go to the store but that extra minute or so making sure your napkins can be broken down can help you reduce the amount of waste your next party causes. The best paper towels or napkins to use is the kind that has already been recycled as it will be free from unnatural chemicals.