Hazardous & Medical
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A tube with a nozzle and piston or bulb for sucking in and ejecting liquid in a thin stream, used for cleaning wounds or body cavities, or fitted with a hollow needle for injecting or withdrawing fluids. As they are used for medical reasons they fall into the category of medical waste, specially Sharps – Sharps are defined as any needles, scalpels, or other articles that could cause wounds or punctures to personnel handling them


While these are predominantly made of plastic they cannot be placed in your household bins.

They fall into the category of medical waste, specially called Sharps and must be disposed of accordingly.


You have to get a Sharps waste container from your GP or hospital.

These containers are usually labelled as such or have biohazard symbols on them. Once you get this, you will put your used syringes in them.

If you are disposing of your syringes as a sharp waste from a hospital or any facility, you will have to include some details. Some of those details include the name of your facility, phone number, and address. Once full this can be returned to your GP or hospital, fill out the details on the label. The bin MUST be clean, locked and have no blood splatters.


Like their needles, Syringes are often predisposed to be contaminated because of their constant contact with body fluid and blood.

General Comment / Tip

The HSE have a guide for those who need to dispose of these items at home – here