Tyres are composite materials made from natural and synthetic rubber which combine to make up the core componen.t of a tyre along with a range of other materials depending on the usage requirements of the tyre.

General Comment / Tip

Circol End of Life Tyres(ELT), is a not for profit orgamnisation whuch manages the Governments Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) initiative for end of life tyres in Ireland. Circol ELT manage the collection and recycling of end of life tyres on behalf of its members. Circol ELT’s role is to develop sustainable outcomes for all tyres managed through the compliance scheme.

Circol ELT Membership comprises over 2,900 compliant tyre retail operators who play their part in the environmental management of waste tyres in Ireland. Industry operators, through membership of the scheme, take responsibility for the waste arising from the sale of tyres and vehicles at each stage of distribution.

All tyre operators must join the scheme to be compliant under Irish law. A visible Environmental Management Cost (vEMC) covers the environmental management of members waste tyres.

Only Circol ELT Authorised Collectors collect tyre waste from Circol ELT member outlets ensuring all waste tyres collected through the scheme are managed in an environmentally sound manner.

Circol ELT’s approach to sustainability begins before a tyre becomes waste.  Actively promoting the benefits of proper tyre maintenance to increase the performance and extend the life span of tyres. This also helps to reduce fuel use, lessening the impact on the environment.

Aligned to circular economy and proximity principles Circol ELT work to enable as much End of Life Tyres as possible to be managed on the island of Ireland.

The tyre scheme promotes innovative uses for end of life tyres. ELT granulate, powder and chips can be utilised in a wide range of applications to manufacture end products, while also being used in processes as raw materials. Waste tyres processed in Ireland are granulated for industrial and sports applications and for road surfaces.

Circol ELT tyre compliance scheme are working to find sustainable outcomes for waste tyres.

Circol ELT – Driving a sustainable tomorrow.

Always get your tyres checked with a Circol ELT member to ensure the proper environmental management of your waste tyres, visit circolelt.ie to find your nearest member.