Understanding guides and labels

Helping you to recycle waste at home.

Irish collection system labels

These are labels which have been designed by us MyWaste and are specific to the Irish collection system.

The labels are used as a guide to which bin to use, they do not cover the recyclability of the packaging.

While it’s very important that we are aware of what all of these symbols mean we have tried to simplify the messaging as much as possible with the introduction of standardised national recycle list which is very specific to how waste is collected here in Ireland.

If you are placing packaging on the market please contact us for information.

Widely Recycled

This label is applied to items which will be sorted, baled and shipped for recycling.

Not Yet Recycled

This level applies to packing which will not be recycled, such as composites.

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This label applies to items which may need to give the consumer more direction.